Our Equipment



Romi G30HT CNC Lathe Shafts up to 20x40
Bar feed to 3-1/2"

Okuma Crown CNC Lathe
with Tail Stock and
Bar Feeder

Shafts up to 10.5"x19.5" Bar feed to 2-1/4 Dia
Okuma ES-L6 CNC Lathe
with Tail Stock and Bar Feeder
Shafts up to 8.0"x11.0" Bar feed to 1-5/8 Dia
Leadwell LTC-30 CP CNC Lathe Shafts up to 18.0 "x34.0"
Leadwell T-6 CNC Lathe Shafts up to 8.0"x11.0"
Leadwell v-50 4-axis Vertical Machining Center Envelope: 50x30x25" 10" dia rotary table with 3" thru hole 1100lb capacaty
Okuma Vertical Machining Center Envelope: 40x20x20" 700 lb capacity
Two Lagun Mills 11"x48" 1200 lb capacity
Four Engine Lathes
Clausing MA 35122
Tur 630
Tug 40
Up to 35"x122" With 12-1/2" Thru Hole and double chucks
Bridgeport Mill 9"x48"
Surface Grinder 8"x20"
Welding Equipment to 650 Amps Stick, Mig, Aluminum (certified)
Plasma Cutting

To 2"

Production Sawing to 15 Dia with auto feed

Hydraulic Press to 100 ton

Punch Press to 15 ton

16000 sf of climate controlled production space

Controlled temperature QC area with certified inspection tools

Fork Lifts to 6000 lbs

Overhead Cranes to 2 ton

Trucking equipment to 50' and 20 tons (open flatbed)

Mastercam 10 Computer aided Design and manufacturing with direct machine input/interactive CNC controls at all machines. Engenieering CAD package accepts .dwg, .dxf, .igs, .MC10 for conversion.

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